Hot Tea for a Rainy Day

It’s “High Time for Teatime” So says our new tea linen collection from NOW Designs.  This sprightly print just introduced features an emerald green and crisp navy with just a spot of “tea”-shaded amber.  What happy colors to wake up … Continue reading

Autumn on the INSIDE

You won’t be spending much time outside this month going forward so turn your attention into getting your interiors comfortable and snug.  Our fall decor includes warm colors in tablecloths, kitchen towels, fragrant, spicy soaps and eye-catching teapots. Pick up … Continue reading

These won’t last. . .

Come in now to choose Halloween decor!  From Bethany Lowe’s little stars, tinseled disk ornaments or tiny glass lanterns to decorate a centerpiece tree to our creepy owl “molds”, this seasonal inventory is disappearing daily.  Fun ribbons in die-cut pumpkins, … Continue reading

Saturday! The Little Nibble

October 7, 2017   –  11am-5pm “The Little Nibble” Pick up your free map here and follow squirrels Phil & Bert (Filberts anyone?) as they check out Aurora’s annual Table-top Hop to view ideas for vintage table decor for upcoming seasons.  … Continue reading

Add Something Spooky!

October is the month of leaves turning bright oranges, days of sunshine and showers and night times crisp and maybe a little SPOOKY!  Halloween decor is popping up everywhere and is moving quickly OUT our doors. Bethany Lowe’s delightful nostalgic … Continue reading