February Heartbeats

“Be Mine” glass heart ornaments from Bethany Lowe are Valentine keepsakes. $6.50 gift boxed




Visit us this February Valentine season!

Our shelves and displays are loaded with great gift ideas such as tabletop decor, new pieces of vintage style jewelry from Sweet Romance Jewelry, dessert teas from Harney & Sons such as the popular Chocolate Mint and Vanilla Comoro, adorable stuffed animals from Bunnies by the Bay (baby-safe but not just for babies!), and new kitchen towels all ready for spring!


Our Punch Studio Valentine cards are going fast!  No one throws these away and the price is right – $2.25 – 3.50.  Or, get the kids together and spread out the makings for your own special Valentines with our ribbons, Anna Griffin stickers and whatever you can pull out from your own sewing remnants and broken jewelry!

Open Tuesday through Sunday 11-5

Sweetheart friends from Bunnies by the Bay including the “wittle” kitten and pooch. Baby-safe but not just for babies!

Come in this weekend to pick up what you need to make your own Valentine cards and decor.  Brew up some some tea, watch the Super Bowl commercials and have a Winter Blast!
Open Tuesday – Sunday 11-5.



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